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Official Server Rules
« on: July 11, 2014, 10:43:45 am »
These are the official server rules, if anyone tells you different, report them to a staff.

1. Do NOT spam yell, friends/ or game chat.
2. You are NOT allowed to AFK train, or sit idle during training. (It's considered botting since we don't know what you're doing)
3. Do NOT abuse any bugs/glitches, please report them!
4. Harassment will NOT be tolerated!
5. Excessive bad language is prohibited.
6. Scamming will result in a trade-block/ban.
7. Hacking and/or Botting is NOT allowed. (If you see someone suspicious, please contact staff asap)
7. Please do not be disrespectful.
8. Remember to be friendly and play fair.

Anyone not following these rules will suffer severe consequences regarding which rule was broken.
If you have an issue regarding the rules, please make a thread in the support and label it [POLICY Q].
Can we not say pwn anymore?


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